Open Hearts, Minds, Doors

We welcome all to join us in our weekly services.

Growing in Spirit and Making Disciples

Hand in Hand, the Jesus Way.

And Please Remember

Because of the current Pandemic we are going to temporarily suspend all church activities. We will resume as soon as it becomes clear we can again meet together without putting our most vulnerable at risk.

This also means that our weekly services have been changed to online. There will be one service at 10:45 on our live stream on this Web site. Please pass this on to all of our members and attendees so that they will have the correct information .

“On Sunday, April 5th I will share the Lord’s Supper during the live streaming worship service. If you want to participate from home, you will need to have the elements (bread & wine) ready.
You can use whatever you have handy: a roll, biscuit, cookie, etc. and something to drink. That can be your favorite beverage, juice, milk, water, etc. I will lead with the words of institution and we join as a community of believers. More detailed instructions will be shared during the service.”
Pastor Rick